Hello everyone.
My name is Victor Ace. I am a Computer Science, blogger and adventure lover.
I have been suffering from migraine from last 10 years and one thing that I have learned in these years is migraines are not easy. They are painful and some migraine attacks can leave you paralyzed temporarily.
I created this blog to share what I have learnt in all these years, i.e. coping up with migraine, going to work with migraine, and all other small trick that I use time to time to combat migraine.
If you are a frequent traveler, and some times I have traveled with migraines( You never know when the big shark will hit you!)
In this blog, you will find:
- Tips and tricks to tackle uninvited migraines
- Travelling tips for migraine sufferers
- Things that you can use to reduce the migraine impact
- Does and donts about migraines
Thanks for joining me on this journey. If you like the blog posts, do share your opinions on the comment section as that would really motivate me to write and travel. Also if you have any suggestions, do contact me through the contact page on the website or you can directly mail me at beatmigraine@gmail.com.
Thanks for reading.

Victor Ace.

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