Do bananas help headaches?

With the increasing awareness about healthy eating habits, people today are more inclined to include healthy foods in their daily diet. One such food item is Bananas. They contain a number of healthy vitamins and minerals which are of immense benefit to the body. Apart from being a quick snack, bananas help maintain sugar levels, are good for the heart, help in maintaining blood pressure, provide energy and help in beating gastrointestinal problems.

Do bananas help headaches

So, this blog post is to address your doubts about, do bananas help headaches? The answer is Yes, they do. There is no doubting the fact that bananas are rich in a number of nutrient and vitamins, which promote a healthy body. Apart from this, bananas also act as a boon for people who complain of having frequent headaches. Bananas contain some essential vitamins and minerals like magnesium, Vitamin B6(Riboflavin), Copper and fiber which help in curing headaches.

Fruit Rich in a Number of Vitamins and Minerals

Let us start by addressing the cause of headaches. Headaches are caused by a number of factors. Some of them are linked to poor lifestyle choices. Alcohol (especially red wine), Processed foods (such as meats which contain nitrates), changes in the sleep pattern (or a lack of sleep), wrong posture (sitting and standing), skipping regular meals, stress and depression etc are some of the causes of headaches.

 Apart from these causes, headaches are also caused by a deficiency of certain vitamins and minerals in the body. Some of them are Magnesium, Vitamin B6 (Riboflavin), Omega 3 fatty Acids, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin D.

Coming to bananas, they are a rich source of some of these vitamins and minerals. Bananas contain a good quantity of Magnesium (8% of Recommended Daily Intake), Vitamin B6 (33% of Recommended Daily Intake), Copper (10% of Recommended Daily Intake), and loads of fiber. Apart from this, they are rich in many other minerals, which are listed below.

  • Potassium: 9% of the Recommended Daily Intake (RDI)
  • Vitamin B6: 33% of RDI
  • Vitamin C: 11% of RDI
  • Magnesium: 8% of RDI
  • Copper: 10% of RDI
  • Manganese: 14% of RDI
  • Net carbs: 24 grams
  • Fiber: 3.1 grams
  • Protein: 1.3 grams
  • Fat: 0.4 grams

How Bananas Help in Curing Headaches?
We have discussed that bananas are a rich source of minerals and vitamins which are known to cause headaches. But simply listing is not enough. Here, we will provide you in-depth explanation on how these vitamins and minerals are responsible for headaches and how bananas help to counter it. This reasoning will be more than sufficient to convince people about the headache curing properties of Bananas. As you know, Bananas are rich in:
      Copper: According to a research by Turkey's YuzuncuYil University, those people who reported frequent occurrences of headaches, contained an average of 4.63 ug/dl of copper in their blood. On the other hand, when healthy people were diagnosed, they reported an average of 8.90 ug/dl of copper in their bloodstream. The results proved to be encouraging for further research on the causes of headaches and prevention. Bananas have 10% of Recommended Daily Intake of Copper present in them. Needless to say, they play an important role in balancing copper levels in the bloodstream.
     Magnesium: Magnesium is a major de-stressor found in the human body, which relaxes and helps in the smooth functioning of different tissues. Apart from this, magnesium is also responsible for the quality and undisturbed sleep of individuals. 

      A deficiency of magnesium causes contraction of the blood vessels, which reduces the effectiveness of the feel-good hormone Serotonin, and further leads to recurring headaches, or even migraines. According to the same study mentioned above, migraines and people who complained of frequent headaches reported an average of 10.58 ug/dl of Magnesium in their bloodstream, as opposed to an average of 34.51 ug/dl in the bloodstream of healthy people.

      Bananas counter this deficiency by following a two-pronged approach. With 8% of the recommended daily intake of Magnesium, they balance Magnesium levels in the bloodstream, helping cure headaches, and improve sleep quality, which is another reason for frequent headaches.
        Vitamins B2 (Riboflavin) and B6: Vitamin B2 (Riboflavin) is an important vitamin which helps in the daily upkeep and maintenance of the cells. It helps provide energy to the body, by the metabolism of fats. It is an important player in the proper functioning of the powerhouse of the cell, the mitochondria. Bananas are an important source of Riboflavin (containing up to 0.1 mg of this important vitamin). Thus, eating a banana helps ensure the proper functioning of the mitochondrial region of the cell, which in turn reduces the occurrence of headaches.

Vitamin B6 is associated with keeping the levels of Homocysteine in check. Homocysteine is an important amino acid present in the bloodstream which can be found in meat. Deficiency of Vitamin B6 may cause an elevated level of Homocysteine in the blood, which is the reason for headaches. Bananas contain 33% of the recommended a daily intake of this vital Vitamin, thus helping cure the symptoms of headaches.
      Fiber: Deficiency of fiber is not directly related to headaches, but they are an indirect source of the same. Pectin, a type of fiber which is found in Bananas, helps in moderation of the blood sugar levels, which in turn helps in curing headaches (Increased blood sugar levels are a cause of headaches). Moreover, bananas help in reducing appetite by slowing the emptying of the stomach. Thus you feel full for longer and signifies healthy functioning gut.

Headaches are also caused by any type of inflammation in the gut. Bananas contain a high amount of fiber (3.1 grams), which helps cure the inflammation, thus leading to a healthier gut, and reduced headaches.

Make Bananas an Essential Part of your Diet

A source of a number of benefits which have been listed in the above discussions, bananas, without a doubt, is packed with a number of vitamins and minerals. What’s more, they are not hard to find and are available all around the year. So, if you are suffering from frequent headaches or a person who wants to follow a healthy diet, don’t forget to include bananas in your daily diet. They can be eaten raw, added to the morning cereal, eaten as a fruit salad, or even cooked to make delicious meals.

Some Recommended Lifestyle Changes

Apart from having bananas and a healthy diet, one who suffers from frequent headaches should also make some lifestyle changes to reduce the symptoms. Some of them are, reducing screen time, exercising regularly, maintaining a proper posture, going to sleep and waking up on time, and doing yoga. These steps may seem small and insignificant, but go a long way in curing those dreadful headaches.


So, do bananas help headaches? Indeed, yes! Packed with a number of vitamins and minerals which our bodies require on a daily basis, bananas are a boon for people who suffer from frequent headaches. Apart from including bananas in your diet, don’t forget to consult your doctor to diagnose and follow a proper recovery plan. Remember, “Prevention is better than cure.”, making small lifestyle changes will also go a long way in helping cure recurring and irritating headaches.

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