5 Best monitor for migraine sufferers

In this post, we talk about 5best monitors for migraine sufferers. These monitors will help beat migraine especially if you work on the computer for long hours.

Best monitor for migraine sufferers

Migraines are recurring headaches with aura and visual sensitivity. There are many causes of migraines, and blue light coming from the monitors is one of them. The light coming from the computer screen can cause eye fatigue, tiredness and is worked continuously for hours, it may cause severe migraines and headaches. 

Can monitors contribute to migraines?

The answer is a big YES! The bitter truth is that migraines and headaches are a common occurrence. Prolonged use of computer can cause Computer Vision syndrome or CSV in short. And about 90% of all computer users are affected by it.

Other problems that can be caused by CSV are:

* Eye Irritation
* Blurred Vision
* Neck and back pain
* Headaches and Migraine

Computer screen time can have a serious consequence for a person if he/she is photophobic. The light coming from the computer screen be very problematic.

Studies have shown that computer screens may worsen migraine and other headache-related symptoms in one-third of patients.

Monitors and laptop screens worsen migraines and headaches in the following ways:

Brightness: The intensity of light, as well as the light/dark contrast, are both migraine triggers. And lower tolerance for bright light in people with neurological deficits makes them more prone to migraine attacks and headaches.

Flickering Frequency: Flickering on the computer screen are one of the main culprits for headaches in computer users. Although the flickering has always been a migraine trigger for many migraine sufferers. For some, the invisible flickering of fluorescent LED can trigger a migraine.

Duration of exposure: The time you spend in front of the computer screen in an important factor for recurring migraines and headaches. Although intensive viewing of as little as 30 minutes may bring computer vision syndrome and other problems.

Blue Light: The light from the blue and green spectrum coming from computer screens are the primary catalyst for headaches and migraines. Also, the blue light is believed to impact sleep patterns and other biological processes.

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Migraine fact: Nearly 46% of school-aged children experience migraine due to computer use. 

How to choose the best monitor for migraine sufferers?

Here are the parameters that I have considered before choosing the monitors for you. Being a migraine sufferer, I totally understand the long working hours on the computer and painful migraines at the same time.

* The monitor should be flicker free
* It should come with technologies that lower the amount of blue light coming from the screen
* Super adjustable: The monitor should be super adjustable, can stand with tilt and pivot, and should come with height adjustment and wall mount capabilities.
* Non-glare display surface
* Self-adjusting brightness feature

5 Best monitors for migraine sufferers

1. ASUS PB277Q Eye Care Monitor

This 27" monitor is the top recommended monitor for the migraine sufferers. The 2560x1440p @75Hz display with 1ms fast response time delivers smooth and enhanced details.
ASUS PB277Q Eye Care Monitor

Eye Care: ASUS PB277Q comes with TUV certified flicker-free and blue light filters. These two features make working on the computer easier for everyone with long working hours on the computer. Flicker-free and blue light filters ensure less eye fatigue and prevent migraine triggers due to blue light.

Placement of the monitor and the viewing distance can also contribute to migraines. But ASUS PB277Q Eye Care monitor comes with an ergonomically designed stand for comfortable viewing positions. The stand features are tilt, swivel, pivot, height adjustment and also wall mount.

Other specifications
* The monitor has a signal frequency-analog-signal frequency of 24-83KHz/50-75KHz. Also, it has extensive connectivity with native WQHD and content support with HDMI, DisplayPort, and Dual-link DVI.

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2. ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27" 1080p Eye Care LED Monitor

ViewSonic VX2770SMH 2-inch full HD computer monitor has an anti-glare screen to prevent eye strains and glare. The screen panel has a hard coating around it. The monitor provides full HD experience, has sRGB color correction and 30M:1 contrast ratio.
ViewSonic VX2770SMH-LED 27" 1080p Eye Care LED Monitor

The monitor is perfect for both home and office use. With 178/178 degree viewing angle, it can be forward and backward tilted for better viewing experiences.

Other specifications
It has in builtin integrated speakers and comes with 3 years of warranty. Also, it comes with Sonic Wizard CD compatible with both Windows and MAC.

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3. BenQ PD2710QC Eye-Care IPS Designer Monitor

BenQ PD2710QC Eye-Care monitor comes with eye care technology for low blue light and flicker-free viewing. Anti-blue light and anti-flickering reduce eye discomfort.
BenQ PD2710QC Eye-Care IPS Designer Monitor

The monitor comes with 2560x1440p resolution and wide viewing angles for crystal clear picture. It has 100% sRGB and Rec.709 color space with IPS technology. Brightness 350cd/m

Other specifications
* Comes with type C docking station for data transfer, and internet connection.
* Darkroom, CAD/cam, and animation display modes.
* comes with 3 Years warranty

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4. ASUS Curved VA327H Full HD Eye Care Monitor

ASUS Curved VA327H Eye Care monitor has 31.5" full HD 1920x1080 screen. Also, it comes with ASUS eye care technology with flicker free and blue light filter to minimize eye fatigue and eye strain. Both the filters help to combat the migraines and headaches due to the monitor screen and are a boon to migraine sufferers
ASUS Curved VA327H Full HD Eye Care Monitor
The display surface of the monitor is Non-glare. Thus reducing any reflection of the light sources(light bulb etc) from the monitor screen.

The wide viewing angle of 178 degrees in horizontal and vertical give a comfortable experience for working or watching movies. Also, the VESA mount makes it super easy to its height as per your requirement and comfort.

Other specifications

* The monitor comes with stereo speakers 2Wx2 stereo RMS
* 4ms Gray to Gray response time
* Has flexible connectivity option of with HDMI and VGA port.

5. Philips 328E9FJAB 32" Curved Frameless Eye Care Monitor

This 32'' LED monitor with quad HD 2560x1140 has the low blue light mode that reduces the harmful short-wave blue light that can act as a migraine trigger for many people. 

The flicker-free technology regulates brightness and reduces eye fatigue.
Philips 328E9FJAB 32" Curved Frameless Eye Care Monitor

Other than that, the curved VA panel provides wide viewing angles and accurate color reproduction with the immense viewing experience.  

The monitor comes with VESA stand and is super adjustable as per your viewing comfort. Also, it can be wall mounted.

Other specifications

* Comes with HDMI, VGA, and DisplayPort for connectivity
* Ultra narrow border allow minimal distraction and optimal multimonitor setup
* 4 year with 4-year advance replacement policy

Things to be done to avoid migraine due to computer screens

Apart from having a good quality monitor, the following things can be done to ensure that you don't get frequent migraine attacks from working on the computer.

Viewing distance: Extend the viewing distance for at least 2 feet. You may adjust the distance as per your comfort but minimum 2 feet distance is a must to ensure you are not too close to monitor and its brightness doesn't harm your eyes.

Anti-glare screen filters: Put Anti-glare screen filters on your screen. It will reduce the glare and the reflections of light sources falling directly on your eyes.

Take regular breaks: Taking frequent breaks to help your eyes to relax and re-focus. Taking breaks reduces eye-fatigue and strains.

Use tinted glasses: Tinted glasses reduced blocks the blue light coming from the computer screen. And the blue light acts as a migraine trigger for many sufferers. So, having good quality tinted glasses is as important as having a good quality monitor

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So these were some of the best monitor for migraine sufferers. I totally recommend them if you work for 6 to 8 hours daily in front of the computer. This monitor will significantly reduce the frequency of occurrence of migraine and headaches.

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