Rose Tinted Glasses For Migraines - 5 Best Migraine Glass

Migraines are painful, but makes a migraine more painful is the aura or the sensory disturbances that come with it. These disturbances include flashes of light, blind spots, and other visionary changes. Thankfully, we have Rose-tinted glasses for migraines that block the specific spectrum of light that cause migraine and aura.

Rose tinted glasses for migraine

Light sensitivity as a cause for migraines

Over 80% of the people suffering from migraines are sensitive to light. Light sensitivity also referred to as photophobia can have severe implications for chronic migraine.

The trigger starts with the optic nerve in the eye that carries the information to the brain which may lead to similar mechanisms that restrict blood flow or dilate it resulting in a migraine.

Generally, the photophobia is present along with phonophobia or the sensitivity to sound. The sensitivity can be to the extent that the individual would have to wear shades or cooling glasses to manage it.

Rose Tinted Glasses to Manage Migraines

Migraines are not caused by all kinds of light but with a specific spectrum of light. This is essential because different kinds of lights are processed by different regions of the brain.

Migraines can then be prevented by using specifically made glasses that block out specific kinds of lights. This is the mechanism behind rose-tinted glasses.

By blocking these kinds of lights, they reduce the likelihood of having a migraine due to light sensitivity. However, cooling glasses are not effective because they use the same mechanism of adapting to the dark and do not really block out certain kinds of lights,

Clinical studies have shown that users of these glasses experienced a reduction in light sensitivity while wearing them. They also reported a reduction in the frequency and intensity of migraines. This would mean that for a large population affected by migraines due to light sensitivity, a manageable and easily applicable solution is available.

The tint in the glasses is very important to ensure that the spectrum of light that causes migraines are filtered out. As of now, the FL-41 tint is the most appropriate one because it filters the light as is also not very dark like sunglasses.

5 Best Rose Tinted Glasses For Migraines

1. Terramed Audrey Unisex Migraine Glasses

Terramed Audrey rose tinted glasses for migraine
Terramed Audrey migraine glass(Click to see more images)

This stylish glass comes with a classy rose frame that goes with the rose tint of the lens. Produced by Terramed, one of the leaders in the market, it is FDA approved and assures good quality and results for the users.

Clinical studies have shown that this particular glass has been able to reduce both the intensity and the frequency of migraines for the users by 90%. The unique feature is that it can prevent migraines before they occur and ensures filtration of harmful migraine causing light.

It is designed for all-day use indoors, specifically for filtering fluorescent light. Given this specialty of the glass, it can be highly useful for students and working professionals who spend several hours together in front of electronic devices.

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2. TheraSpecs WearOver Migraine Glasses

TheraSpecs WearOver migraine Glass
TheraSpecs WearOver migraine Glass

 This Precision-tinted glass is effective in blocking the harmful light that causes and worsens migraine and other chronic conditions like post-concussion syndrome and brain injury. Most suited for indoor use, TheraSpecsWearover glasses are an adaption over sunglasses and help relieve sensitivity and glare from specific kinds of light.

This indoor glass is very effective in screening off fluorescent light emitted by electronics. Today we heavily use electronics and this glass provided all-round protection from the fluorescent light. It can also be used outdoors on sunny and overcast days.

It is a 2-in-1 product that provides all-around protection. The sturdy and lightweight TR90 frame is secure, strong and durable. It reinforces the protection from the lenses by providing all-round cover.

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3. Axon Optics JURA

Axon Optics JURA (click to see more images)

The stylishly designed and crisp looking rose-tinted glass is manufactured by Axon Optics. Its benefits have been proven clinically and used for over 20 years in top Neuro-Ophthalmology clinics.

The anti-glare, scratch and water resistant lens comes with 9 layers of anti-glare protection, designed to give the best results for the users. The hydrophobic coat protects it from water, dust, and debris, providing all-around effective vision protection.

The Spectrashield FL 41 lenses are 54 mm wide and 39mm high. This glass has 2 stylish versions for indoor and outdoor use. The indoor glasses come with a light plastic frame and lighter tint while the outdoor glasses come with a black plastic frame and a darker tint. With specialized glasses for indoor and outdoor use, the users are ensured of the best protection from light discomfort and migraine attacks.

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4. Axon Optics Flex Curve

Axon Optics Flex Curve

Made by Axon optics, an innovator in migraine relief glasses, it is anti-glare and water resistant. The various coatings on the lens keep away dust, debris and water from the lens for undistributed use. It has 9 layers of anti-glare and hydrophobic coating that prevents water, glare and any other kinds of dirt and debris.

This titanium-framed glass comes with a minimalistic and neat finish. This frame is very flexible and unbreakable. The Flexi-hinges also make it very secure and comfortable to use. The neat and trim finish of this glass makes it suitable for formal and informal events.

User testimonials claim that this product has been extremely effective in reducing the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks.

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5. Axon Optics COVER-RX Migraine Relief Glasses

It comes both in the indoor and outdoor versions. A fully covered plastic frame gives all-around protection from light. 

The rose-tinted FL-41 lens is 135 mm wide and 44 long. The shades are a little varied for both versions of the glass for indoor and outdoor use. This specialization gives the user-customized protection for indoors and outdoors.

The nature of light varies because indoors might be predominantly fluorescent from electronic screens and using specialized glasses gives additional protection and ensures effective results. It comes with the anti-glare coating of 9 layers and is water and scratch repellent, making it an all-in-one product. It is best suited for all kinds of users and environments.

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Properties of Rose-tinted migraine glasses

Rose tinted glasses for migraines filter out harmful migraine causing rays of light. The tint in the glasses is very important to ensure that the spectrum of light that causes migraines are filtered out.

As of now, the FL-41 tint is the most appropriate one because it filters the light and is also not very dark like sunglasses. This particular tint is called a ‘precision’ tint because it’s different from that of the sunglasses which might increase sensitivity indoors.

 They filter out light between the wavelengths of 480nm to 520nm which are considered to be painful wavelengths. They are also effective in filtering out fluorescent light and other electronically emitted light that might trigger migraines. The nature of the tint is generally a bit darker for outdoor wear when compared to the indoor glasses.

How and When to use Rose-Tinted Glasses?

Rose tinted glasses are available with and without prescription and can be specifically made in case the individual is already using spectacles. These can be used on a regular basis both outdoors and indoors.
When we look at sunglasses, they are more useful outdoors. But rose-tinted glasses are suitable for indoor use as well and are effective.  There are specific glasses available for indoor and outdoor use. Rose tinted glasses were also found to be more effective than lenses. Analysis of various colored glasses has shown that FL-41 tint is the best option for preventing migraines


Rose Tinted glasses for migraines actually seem to have created a rosier world for migraine suffers. The pain associated with migraines can never be over-exaggerated. It causes severe discomfort and disables the chronic sufferer from carrying out their normal lives.

Sensitivity to light is one of the predominant triggers for chronic sufferers. Therefore, a viable solution lies in preventing out certain kinds of light waves by using specifically designed rose-tinted glasses. These glasses are easily available and can provide a long-term solution for managing migraine.

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