Best TV for migraine sufferers

Today’s world is full of screens. Be it a mobile, laptop, TV or a tab, screens have infiltrated our lives in such a way that it is difficult to imagine a world without them. Henceforth, they have crept from our living rooms to our pockets, to our bedrooms and (most dangerously) to our beds!

Best TV for migraine sufferers
Best TV for migraine sufferers

However, besides being a good source of entertainment, these screens (particularly TV screens) are also triggers for severe headaches which can last anywhere from some hours to days at a stretch. In this post, I talk about migraines caused by a variety of TV-related reason and the best TV for migraine sufferers.

Headache due to TV screens

Continued exposure to TV screens has led to an increase in the number of migraine sufferers. People repeatedly complain about recurring headaches which are both severe and painful. Research by Migraine Research Foundation says that worldwide, over 1 billion people suffer from migraine, making it the third most prevalent disease in the whole world. Headaches due to TV screens can be due to many reasons. Some of them may be:

  • Faulty TV design 
  • Inappropriate TV size 
  • Inaccurate TV specifications 
  • Blurred TV picture

Also, as per ancient wisdom, an excess of anything is always bad, even if the thing is beneficial. Needless to say, if you keep watching TV for long hours without breaks, you are bound to suffer from eye-strain and migraines. Hence, it is advised you take breaks in between.

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Why is it important to choose the right tv?

Television is a source of entertainment not only for yourself but for the whole family. Everybody, be it your grandparents, parents, your spouse or your children, need to entertain themselves. And there is no better place for entertainment than television. Broadcasting programs on numerous genres, a TV has something for everyone. Hence it becomes imperative to choose the right TV for yourself. 

  • It is a source of entertainment for everyone in the family. 
  • Watching a TV together helps in strengthening family bonds. 
  • A good TV can provide a theatre like experience and can make for a good family time spend.
  • A TV with good picture quality and resolution will not be harmful to the eyes and not cause headaches. 

TVs that are best for eyes

With the increasing number of headaches and people also complaining about eye-strain, more and more are now asking which type of TV’s are best for the eyes. According to research, LCD and LED TVs are best suited for eyes. Besides this, the size of the screen should also be large enough to be viewed comfortably. A 32-inch TV is best considered to reduce eye-strain. 

Best TV for migraine sufferers

Toshiba 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR

Toshiba 50-inch 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TV HDR

Toshiba 4k UHD TV is a savior for migraine sufferers. It is a TV which provides excellent 4k picture quality which is both crystals clear, and also doesn’t strain the eyes. The TV comes with all the built-in features like Wi-fi, 3 HDMI ports, 1 composite video port, and 1 USB port. 

The main USP of this TV is that it comes with a voiceover with Alexa remote. Just connect it to the TV and you can do anything you do with a remote, like changing the channel, browsing, or watching your favorite Netflix movie, by using your voice. You can also control all your Wi-fi enabled and Alexa compatible devices using this Voice Over remote.

This seamless connectivity, along with the assurance of migraine-free TV viewing, will provide a great experience to you and your family. 

 Samsung Flat 40" 4K UHD 7 Series Smart LED TV 

 Samsung Flat 40" 4K UHD 7 Series Smart LED TV 

No TV list is complete without Samsung in it. This Samsung Flat 40-inch TV will provide a great entertainment experience for you and your family without any hassle of those painful headaches. It comes with a PurColor technology which gives this TV millions of colors and you can enjoy a life-like and immersive TV viewing experience.

The screen is UHD enabled which literally means 4 times the clarity of an HD screen. The picture comes live on this TV. Apart from this, the TV has a Universal guide where all the content from various devices is listed and available for viewing.

 You can just start off from where you left. The unique feature of this smart TV is that it can be synced with your mobile phone and you can use it to watch your favorite shows. With these incredible features, comes the guarantee of Samsung. So, you have a perfect solution for your headaches.

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TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

TCL 32-inch 1080p Roku Smart LED TV

This TCL Roku TV is a boon for all the people who complain of recurring headaches. The 32-inch screen is just the apt size that prevents the headaches from occurring. It comes with a simple and smart user interface which not only makes the TV viewing experience easier but also helps you find your stuff fast.

The best thing about this TV is that there is an app for it, both on android and ios. So, you can now turn your mobile phone into a remote for your TCL Roku Smart TV. There is also a lesser number of buttons on the TV remote which makes the TV viewing experience much simpler.

The 4k Ultra HD picture quality ensures that there is a minimal strain on the eyes and hence, lesser migraines. So you can watch the TV for a long duration without worrying about your eyes.

 Samsung Electronics 32" 1080p Smart LED TV 

Samsung Electronics 32" 1080p Smart LED TV 

This 1080p Smart LED TV from Samsung brings together some amazing features which enhance your TV viewing experience. The 32-inch screen provides comfort to your eyes and you do not have to strain them while watching the TV.

The full HD screen brings to life the pictures shown and they are so sharp that you can even notice the tiniest details and shadows. It is a smart TV and hence, is Wi-fi enabled. So, you will not have to miss any of your favorite shows if you are out partying with your friends, you can watch them anytime online using the Samsung Remote Control.

 Also, you will have the control of your TV right at your fingertips with the Samsung mobile app which syncs everything from your TV to your mobile. Hence, TV watching becomes even more fun! Besides, the 1080p full HD colors are easy on the eyes. So, if you buy the Smart LED TV from Samsung, you won’t have to worry about migraines again.

Samsung Electronics 32-Inch 720p LED TV 

Samsung Electronics 32-Inch 720p LED TV 
This sleek design TV is perfect for people who are looking for a TV option that is safe for their eyes. What’s more, it is the most affordable amongst the list provided here. However, affordability doesn’t mean that the quality is compromised.

 The TV is ranked #103 in LED & LCD TVs. It has a 720p High Definition display which makes the picture more life-like and you are able to see clear details. Samsung Electronics 32-Inch 720p LED

Also, the TV is equipped with a motion 60 technology that makes the picture motion more fluid due to the amazing refresh rate. There are 2 HDMI ports and 1 USB port in this TV to help you view your favorite shows always.

 All these features, combined with a large 32-inch screen will ensure that your eyes are not strained while watching TV and that you do not suffer from painful headaches.

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How to watch tv to avoid migraines and headache 

Apart from the screen size, the room in which the TV has been kept should be dimly lit, so that the TV screen is the brightest object in the room. Some people also recommend lowering the color temperature range reduces eye-strain.

 If you lower the blue (9000K) color to 6500K color it will greatly reduce the eye strain. Also, as per doctors, the ideal TV viewing distance to avoid eye strain is 160 inches or 13 feet.

From the above arguments, it is clear that it is not only the make and model of the TV that helps in reducing the eye-strain, it is also for how long and on which settings you view it.


With the increasing number of migraine cases related to continued exposure to TV screens, companies have started making eye-friendly screen options for customers. Hence, the above-mentioned TV options, besides providing great picture quality, also help take care of your eyes and prevent migraines. So, take your pick!

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