Migraine relief by hands and feet in water

Last, to last year, I found a way to get relief by migraine. This little trick was told by my friend and I  thought why not give it a try. The idea was to soak hands and feet in water for migraine relief.

migraine relief by hands and feet in water

Migraine relief by hands and feet in the water

Believe it or not, putting legs in a tub with hot water some relief with migraine pain. Though it doesn't completely abort the pain but is the pain does ease up. Also, the hot water feels very comfortable during a migraine attack.

Should I use hot water or cold water?

You can use either hot water or cold water, whichever comfort you. You can experiment with either type of water one by one to check which one suits you best and which one gives more relief from migraine pain.

What I do is, I use hot water to soak my feet and cold water to soak my hand. And it works for me every time. Warm water on foot provides comfort during a migraine attack while the cold water provides cold chilled therapy to weaken the effect of migraine.

Why hand and feet in the water help in migraine?

Soaking feet in the warm water draws blood to your feet easing the pressure on the blood vessels in the head. This naturally provides some relief in the headache.

On the other hand, ice water constricts blood vessels and when they shrink, they stop pressing on the sensitive nerves.

How to put hands and feet on water?

Use feet soaking tub to soak your feet. Heat sufficient water before putting it in the tub. The temperature of the water should not be too hot nor too cold.

Check out the recommended feet soaking tubs here (link to Amazon)

Feet soaking tub for migraines

Other things to do during a migraine attack

Along with soaking feet and hands in water, do the following things that can help migraine.

- Using ice neck wrap eye masks during migraine significantly reduce the impact of the attack.ice packs work similar to soaking hands in ice water, narrowing blood vessels to stop pressing on sensitive nerves.

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- Follow  sleeping schedule
Go to bed and wake up as per the schedule. I strongly recommend you to follow the schedule you make as the lack of sleep can cause a migraine.
Also, waking up on time is important. Sleeping for too long can also cause migraine attacks.

-Use Blue light blocking filters for computer screens
Blue light can act as a migraine trigger for some people. Use a blue light filter can block a significant amount of blue light coming from the computer screen 

-Avoid alcohol before sleep

- Take good sleep. Avoid using phone lying on the bed as it may keep you awake for too long and prevent you from falling asleep.

Final Word

In the next migraine attack, do try soaking feet and hand in the water. I am sure you will feel better. Also, try other methods for migraine relief. 

If you have any question regarding the post, do let me know in the comment section. Thank you.

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