Ice pack on back of neck for migraine - A how to guide.

In this post, I am going to tell you how to use an ice pack on the back of neck for migraine. Also, I will tell you about some of the best Ice packs available in the market which can prove to be a great help during a migraine attack.

So without further due, lets jump on the topic.

Why does cold therapy for migraines works?

Cold therapy has been used to reduced inflammation and pain since ages. According to a study, Cold therapy as a migraine relief measure was documented as early as 1849.

In fact, cold therapy is considered as the most common pain relief measure used by people suffering from migraine.

The cold constricts the blood vessel and helps reduce the neurotransmission of the pain. So basically when you apply ice or cold gel pack on your head, instead of getting ' Ahh, it hurts' signal, your brain gets ' Wo!, it's cold ' signal.

A study conducted in the year 2013 found that applying frozen neck wrap around the neck during a migraine attack can significantly reduce the pain. It also in visual sensitivity.

Ice pack on the back of neck for migraine - How to use?

Best way to apply an ice pack on the back of neck is to apply it for 20 to 25 minutes at a time. Put the ice pack in the freezer for an hour before applying it on the back of your neck. Also, it will be better to have two neck pack so that you can put one in the freezer while using the other one.

Another thing to do is to take proper rest in the darkroom, isolated from noises. Light and noise may further worsen the situation. You may also migraine eye mask for better results.

Why Ice Packs are good for migraine sufferers

According to the 2013 study, It is especially recommended to apply ice in the form of neck wrap around the neck. Doing so will reduce the pain and discomfort from migraine.

Putting an ice pack on the back of neck reduces the effect of pain instantly. Ice packs have a numbing effect, that dull the migraine pain and the sensation of throbbing.

Water-based traditional ice packs are not so flexible and have leakage issues. While the gel-based ice packs are more flexible. They remain flexible even after getting frozen and can be wrapped around the neck properly. Thus ensuring long-lasting comfort for migraine sufferers.

 Also, the Ice packs are reusable so you can use multiple times whenever you get a migraine.

Best ice pack for neck for migraine

1.Flxikold Gel Neck Ice Pack

Felxikold Neck Pack
Flexicold neck pack uses proprietary gel that stays cold longer as compared to the neck packs that use inferior bentonite formula.

The ice pack is 8 inches wide and ensure that the ice pack properly set on the back of your neck.

The strap can be optimized for the cold by putting in the fridge or freezer for some time. The strap remains flexible and last longer to give proper cold therapy on the back of your neck.

Pro Ice Wrap

It is one of the best cold therapy product out there and I strongly recommend it for migraines.

Pro ice wrap gives you a complete neck and shoulders cold therapy. It gives you a compressive cold therapy to help you reduce the impact of a migraine attack. The water-based non-toxic solution allows ice packs to become cold quicker and stay cold for long.

The ice packs are placed inside a mesh sleeve to avoid any leakage.

One size fits all. So the ice pack is perfect for both men and women.

Though the Pro ice pack wrap comes with an ice pack insert, you can get an extra ice pack to insert for future uses.
Ice pack inserts

3. TheraPAQ Hot and Cold therapy pad

TheraPAQ hot-cold therapy pad
TherPAQ therapy pad works for both hot and cold therapy. Thus the pad is multipurpose and can be used for other issues as well like inflammation, knee injury, back pain, etc. 

But the pad works best for cold therapy for migraines. Put the pad in the freezer for 15 to 20 minutes and the pad is ready for use.

TherPAQ pad comes in  12" * 17" size. It properly covers the back of your neck and shoulder providing proper cold therapy and help you with the migraine.

Check out TherPAQ on Amazon

Aroma Shoulder Neck Wrap

Aroma Neck Wrap is gel based neck wrap which can be used for both hot and cold therapy. Put the wrap in the freezer for some time(15 to 20 minutes) and you can use the wrap for pain relief.

The Neck wrap provides a long-lasting chilling effect.  
PhysioCare neck and shoulder wrap 

This neck wrap is a high collar and large, curved shaped. Wrap completely covers your neck and shoulder region for proper relief. The wrap gives proper support to your neck, back, and shoulder.

Know more about the wrap here(Amazon)

Arctic Flex Neck Ice Pack (click to see on Amazon)

This multi-purpose neck ice pack can be used for migraine as well as for swelling, Injuries, Headaches etc. 

The neck page is capable of giving good cold therapy for 30 minutes on your shoulder and neck. Just put the neck pack in a freezer for a few minutes.

Generously sized, the neck pack remains flexible even when frozen. It is perfect for every migraine sufferer.

It comes with 60 days unconditional guarantee so that you can return it if you don't like the product.

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So this is all about how and why to use an ice pack on back of neck for migraine. If you frequently suffer from a migraine attack, I recommend getting an ice pack. It is my personal experience that ice packs are very effective in migraine.

 Migraine Relief Neck and shoulder pack

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