Best office lighting for migraine sufferers

The lighting system can act as a trigger for migraine. In this post, I am going to talk about how lighting systems can act as a trigger and some best office lighting system for migraine sufferers. In my experience, the more fluctuating lights bulb is, the more it is going to harm a migraine sufferer.

Best office lighting for migraine sufferers

Office lighting and Migraines

Lighting may be the main reason if you regularly get a migraine attack while working in the office. Bright light, flickering lights, yellowish light can trigger migraine in people who are highly sensitive to light.

In my case, the yellow, cheap, incandescent light acts as a migraine trigger. So the first thing I did when I knew that those yellow lights created a problem for me, I removed them all. I replace those incandescent bulbs with high quality led lights both at home and at the office.

Other than the lighting system of the office, glow of computer and mobile phones, reflective window panels, etc.

Light Sensitivity- A migraine symptom

According to the latest survey of more than 4000 people with migraine, 89% of them became sensitive to light during a migraine attack. The survey tells us two things:
1. Light sensitivity is one of the most common migraine symptoms
2. No matter what type of migraine you are suffering with, the probability is that you will have sensitivity towards the light.

Also, some people also have photophobia and light sensitivity during the recovery phase of the migraine attack. Although. not all the migraine sufferers have light sensitivity at the recovery stage.

Why choosing a good lighting system is important for migraine sufferers

We all know that light can trigger migraine attacks. Since we spent almost 8 to 10 hours in our offices, it is important to have a good quality lighting system.

A good lighting system prevents strains in eyes. Also, a good lighting system prevents potential migraine triggers due to light sensitivity.

Things to remember before getting office lighting for migraine sufferers

Following are the things that you should keep in mind before getting a new lighting system for your office:

1.  The light has no flickering as flickering can trigger migraine attacks
2. It should give a proper amount of light
3. It is better to have dimmable light as you can control the intensity of the light as per your wish.

Best office lighting for migraine sufferers

Here are the five recommended lighting solution for your office room. All of the are modern looking and perfect for office rooms. 

LightInTheBox Led Ring celling Light

LightInTheBox LED ring ceiling light
  • Best fit for Office and study room
  • Budget-friendly
  • Dimmable- No
LightInTheBox Circular Led light is one of the best office light available in the market today. This gorgeous looking is 35 Watt LED integrated.

Made with stainless steel, this LED light emits a proper amount of light in the room. The light doesn't flicker, thus avoiding stress and strain due to the lighting.

The light direction is downwards, so the light needs to be installed above your office table or in the center of the room, whichever suits you best. 

Check out this office lamp on Amazon

CreateForLight Dimmable LED light

CreateForLife Dimmable light
* Dimmable - Yes
* Comes with an extendable string for attachment to the ceiling
* Modern look

As mentioned at the beginning of the post, sensitivity towards light a major trigger for most of the migraine sufferers. The intensity of the office light sometimes puts we migraine sufferers to a problem.

And what can be better for us than to have the control to change the intensity of the light as per our wish and comfort?

This office light comes with a dimmable remote control to control the intensity of the light. The brightness is dimmable from low to high max 36W.

Comes it an extendable string, so fit both on high and low ceiling rooms. The string can extend from 1' to 5".

AUDIAN Pendant Light

Royal Perl Modern Pendant Light

Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp

Brightech Eclipse LED Floor Lamp
* Dimmable- Yes 
* Modern minimalist look

If you prefer floor lamps over ceiling lamps, then Brightech Eclipse LED floor Lamp can be your best choice.

This adjustable, minimalist floor lamp can not only be used in offices but also for kitchens and drawing rooms. The light is super bright and gives out a sufficient amount of light (2000 lumens - 150W equivalent). Its 3000 kelvin warm white light creates a well lit and cozy environment.

Brightech Eclipse LED floor lamp is dimmable and comes with 3 different light level. The built-in dimmer touch switch conveniently allows you to alter the brightness of the lighting.

Select between the 3 different levels ranging from super bright to soft to attain the perfect lighting for your office. The two rings are adjustable so that you can aim light in any direction.

Check out this lamp on Amazon.

Brightech Holo Split Light

Brightech Holo Split Light

* 15 - 20 years life span
* Modern- minimalistic design
* Dimmable- Yes
* Compact

It is another great office light from Brightech. The lamp comes with a 30 watt LED and produces 1489 lumens It is bright enough to light small-medium office rooms.

The lamp also comes with a touch switch to control the brightness of the light. The same switch is used to turn off/on the light.

Being slim and minimalist, the lamp fits perfectly in tight spaces. Also, the split head feature allows you to angle the light for practical and style purpose. Face it anywhere to get light as per your need.

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Good lighting is a must for a migraine sufferer. And if you work for long hours in office then you need to have good quality light in your office room. These recommended lights will prevent eye strains by providing a proper amount of light and the dimmable property will let you adjust the brightness.

So, you are looking to improve the lighting system of your office room, then do use these recommended lights.


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