Computer Screen Filters For Migraine Sufferers - Best 4 Computer Screen Covers

Being a migraine sufferer and someone who works for long hours on the computer, you must have screen filters on your computer screen. In this post, I talk about how screen filters are helpful in preventing migraine and some good computer screens filters for migraine sufferers.  

computer screen filters for migraine sufferers

I typically work for 5 to 6 hours every day on my computer. And being highly sensitive towards the light, I used to get migraine attacks more frequently than I expected.

What is a blue light

Why use Computer Screen filter


4 Best computer Screen filters for migraine sufferers

Eye Pc Blue Light Blocking Screen Filter

Eye PC blue light filter 

This screen filter comes with several layers of coating of acrylic on the filter panel to block the blue light. These coatings are the blue light reduction, scratch resistant and anti-flicker.

The panel blocks blue light of range 380nm to 495nm and reduces eye strains when viewing LED screens. The filter is perfect for office PC, eGaming and home PC.

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Yooreka Anti-Glare, Anti-Reflective Screen Filter

This tinted computer screen filter filters out 96 percent of UV/ 99.5 percent of LF radiation, thus protecting your eyes from strains and tiredness. 

The filter is also anti-reflective. You just need to turn the filter and put it on the screen to minimize reflection. This is really helpful when you are working near the window or just under the light bulb in the room.

Yooreka filter comes with an installation kit and easy to follow direction. You can put the computer screen filter yourself with any problem. 

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EZ-pro Anti-BLue light screen filter

This screen filter is specially made to protect your eyes from blue light coming from the computer screens.

For most of the migraine, sufferers working long hours on computers have one complaint, that the light coming from the computer screen triggers the migraine. This is due to the blue-light coming from the computer screen.

EZ-pro anti-blue light filter blocks the blue light coming from the computer screen, thus blocking the potential migraine trigger. It blocks blue light ranging between 380nm-490nm

The screen filter also protects your monitor from scratches and fingerprints.

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Kantek Anti Glare filter

Kantek Anti-Glare Filter 

Kantek Anti-Glare Screen Filter comes for monitors of all screen sizes. This particular screen filter shown in the image above is for a 24-inch screen monitor.  So select the correct size form the size options according to what fits your computer screen.

This computer screen filter is specially designed to reduce the fatigue caused by display glare. The filter also improves images and enhances contrasts. Also, with elegant frameless design, the screen guard protects your LCD display surface.

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Note:  This filter is not anti-reflective. It is not designed to filter out glare from a light source shining directly on the monitor. So if your computer in near the window and sunlight falls directly on it, this screen filter may not be the best choice for you. But if your system is not to close to the window or door or any high-intensity light source, then you are good to go!

3 M Anti-Glare Screen Filter

3 M Anti-Glare Screen Filter 

This is one of the best Anti-Glare filter available today. The filter help reduce the glare and mirror-like reflection making it helpful for all migraine sufferers who are highly sensitive to light and reflections

The filter is easy to apply, removable and anti-bubble. Also, the filter can be used multiple times.

There are two attachment options for 3 Manti-glare screen filters:

1.  Attachment Strips: Best for edge to edge display or bezel-less display screens. Adhesive attachment strips are applied on the filter and the attached to the computer screen. The strip is transparent, washable and removable. You can remove it, clean the screen and reattach the filter

2. Slide Mount Tab: Best fits for displays with bezels. The slide mount tabs attached to the bezels of the screen, bordering the display. You can then slide on and off the screen filter as per your need.

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  1. What about laptop screen blockers? I'm looking for a laptop and android blue light blocker so that I can ditch the migraine glasses. I can't find one that shields 80% like my migraine glasses. Help!