Should I go to school with a migraine?

In this post, I am talking about an important question that teenagers often ask: Should I go to school with a migraine?

Should I go to school with a migraine

I have been suffering from since I was 11 years old. Initially, I didn't know what was actually happening to me. I had throbbing headaches for hours and I thought why I was getting those one-sided headaches regularly.

Should I go to school with a migraine?

To be honest, it depends on how much is the pain and if you will be able to tolerate it during your class hours. If the pain is less and bearable, I suggest you go to school as it will prevent an academic loss that you may suffer.

If the migraine is in the final stage of the attack, then you can go to school without any issue as that will freshen you up. Also, migraine pain will stop after some time. 

But if you have a migraine in the initial stage and are not sure that you will be able to handle it, then I strongly suggest you to stay at home and take proper rest. 

Things to do if you go to school with a migraine

If you have a migraine but the pain is bearable and is in the last stage, then you can go the school. Take care of the following things if you decide to go the school.

1. Tell your parents about the attack

A big mistake I did as a kid that I didn't use to tell my parents my problem and they didn't know what I was going through.

Tell your parents about the migraine attack. Also, let them know that it is how you are feeling at that time.

Your parents should have a phone number of the school administration so that they can call them to ask about your condition.

2. Talk to your teachers

Talk to your teachers and let them know that you have a migraine. In that your way, if by any means the pain increases or you feel visual disturbances due to migraine, then your teachers can help you.

So if they are well informed then the can take necessary action in case of an emergency.

Also, after attending a few classes, if you feel like you won't be able to sit in the class, do let your teachers know about it. In that the can allow you to go back home and take rest.

Remember, your teachers are there for your help. If the condition gets worse, tell your teacher to call your parent. They may then come and take you home.

3. Do not stand for too long

Avoid standing for too long for assembly or in the practical classes. Migraines headaches are throbbing and with aura. So, standing for too long may worsen your condition. 

4. Get warm water with you

Always keep warm water with you for drinking. Migraine makes you feel restless especially in the final stage of the attack. Drinking warm water is very effective during a migraine attack. 

Avoid drinking cold water as it may exacerbate the headache or cause unwanted "brain freeze".

You can keep your water warm during school hours by keeping it in an insulated thermos.

Vacuum Insulated Thermos (Click for more images)
Thermos will keep the water warm for hours so it is very good to keep water in it.

5. Wear a migraine hat

A migraine hat (click for more images)
A good cold therapy migraine hat is the best thing for any migraine patient. Migraine hats come with gel ice packs that properly cover throbbing areas of your head putting appropriate pressure to reduce the headaches. 

I highly recommend you to get one for you.

Things to do if you stay at home with a migraine

As I said earlier if you don't feel like you can tolerate the pain then you should not go to school, then you should rest at home.

Following things you should keep in mind if you bed rest for the day.

1. Rest in a darkroom

Light can cause sensitivity in your eyes during a migraine attack. So put curtains on the window and choose a room which is isolated from people. \

2. Wear a migraine mask

A migraine mask (Click for more images)
Wear a migraine mask during a migraine attack. Migraine masks have cooling ice gel packs that can be very useful during a migraine attack.

 Also, some of the migraine masks can be used for both cold and warm therapy. So you can wear them either by cooling them or heating them in the microwave.

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3. Maintain a dairy

Keep a diary and note down the previous dates of occurrence of the migraine attack. This will help you keep a track of the pattern of the migraine. 

A Migraine Dairy

Also, you should have a phone number of your physician noted down in the dairy. If the situation gets worse, you can call them.


So these were some precautions you should take during a migraine attack. So the next time you have a migraine attack during schooling going days, do consider those things. Thank you for reading

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